An Increase in the Number of Millennial Men Going for Cosmetic Procedures

Recently some interesting numbers were reported by The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery in the field of plastic surgery. The academy reported that around 31% men have increased chances of going for non-invasive or surgical cosmetic procedures. The academy also reported that of these 31% men, 58% are between the ages 25 and 34. This is called the millennial male group and the most common plastic surgery procedures for this group include ear pinning, elimination of excessive breast tissue and nose jobs. Excessive breast tissue in men is a result on hormonal imbalance. Fillers are also one of the most favorite non-invasive cosmetic procedures for men these days. Fillers are also called Brotox.

Cosmetic Procedures that have Gained Huge Popularity Among Millennial Men

The cosmetic physician named Neda Vanden Bosch, M.D who has been practicing in West Palm Beach in Florida for more than 10 years now says that there are more men going for cosmetic procedures because they want to compete in a better way the young professionals at their workplaces. Neda is also a master injector, physician trainer and a top-rated real self physician. She further explains that men not only want to go for facial fillers and surgery but they also have this yearning to eliminate belly and chin fat including their love handles. Hair restoration and laser hair removal are also some procedures that are getting popular among millennial men.

Why Men are Going through procedures that Women Undergo for Looking Younger

There is this old adage that men age more gracefully in comparison to women. This is absolutely right. There are many male celebrities who still manage to look young and handsome even while being in the millennial men category. On the other hand, female celebrities tend to lose their glamour and beauty and thus go for different cosmetic procedures. Given this, why men and especially the young men going for different tortuous measures in order to look younger? This is because every man is not the same. Men divorcees get back into the dating game and thus they want to reclaim their youthfulness. There are others who choose to go for cosmetic procedures because of the pressure laid down by their wives. For women, fillers are normal maintenance and there are many women who are of the view that their husbands might also be able to reap the best benefits of fillers.

Risks Associated with Men Undergoing Cosmetic Treatments at an Early Age

There are major risks associated with men going for cosmetic treatments at an early age. First of all, men lose the visual perspective of the way they appear. The surgeons who do not have enough experience in the field of cosmetic surgery might work blunders and they might end up feminizing a man. Specifically speaking, procedures on the skin, jaw and eyebrows are critical and they need to be carried out properly for maintaining masculinity. There are many doctors or surgeons who inject both men and women by using the same procedures. The results of this practice might be horrible.

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