ASDS Survey: Increase in the Number of Consumers Going for Cosmetic Procedures

As per the results of a survey carried out by ASDS or American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, around 70% consumers are now considering cosmetic procedures. It has been indicated by the ASDS Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures that the number of consumers going for cosmetic procedures has actually doubled since the year 2013. According to Thomas E. Rohrer, the President of ASDS, cosmetic procedures are increasing in popularity mainly because of the technological advancements being made in the field of non-invasive or minimally non-invasive treatments. Data collected from ASDS illustrates the views of the consumers on plastic medical procedures along with ratings for 10 specific treatments.

Consumer Survey Infographics 2017

Dr. Rohrer, the president at ASDS said that patients have complete confidence in the training and the expertise of the board-certified professionals or dermatologists meeting their skin beauty and health requirements. He further said that the members of ASDS are the leading skin professionals completely dedicated to offering quality and cutting-edge care. The member dermatologists of ASDS swept the 10 plastic treatment categories in a couple of survey questions. The first question was answered by the patients who had undergone cosmetic treatments carried out by dermatologists. Majority of the responses indicated that the dermatologists of these patients were the members of the ASDS. Considering the other question, majority of the patients indicated their demand for an ASDS member for going through a cosmetic procedure. This speaks of the expertise and the knowledge of the ASDS members in conducting cosmetic procedures.

Why More and More People are Going for Cosmetic Treatments?

The survey also came up with the reason why there are more and more people going for cosmetic treatments. One of the major reasons behind an increased number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures is the want to feel more confident. There are others going for cosmetic procedures mainly because they want to look good and young and feel more appealing and attractive. People are of the view that they can easily achieve these desired results by undergoing plastic treatments.

Top Cosmetic Treatments

Laser hair removal, body sculpting, microdermabrasion and laser, ultrasound, radio and light frequency for skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing are the four top cosmetic treatments that people are seeking in the present times. The percentage of people going for these treatments is 47%, 58%, 53% and 57% respectively.

Things that Bother Consumers

According to the survey, the excessive body fat accumulated in different parts of the body is one thing that bothers the consumers about their look and appearance. There are others who are bothered by wrinkles and lines around their eyes; skin texture and skin discoloration and excessive fat under the neck and chin. There is another group of consumers that is bothered by sagging facial skin, wrinkles near the mouth and the cheeks and wrinkles and lines in the cheek/neck, forehead and between the eyebrows.

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