Bra Bulge Surgery- The New Trend in Plastic Procedures for Women

If you did not find your body perfect this morning then there is nothing for you to get worried. This is because there is yet another incomprehensible standard of body perfection added to the already existing long list of cosmetic procedures for women. Women are meant to possess big boobs, right? But, the small amount of flesh between their armpits and their bra straps has been the target of attack for several cosmetic surgery clinics across the nation. There are many clinics that have services aimed towards removing this small amount of flesh and this is by way of bra bulge surgery or Sculpsure.

What is Sculpsure or Bra Bugle Surgery?

Bra bulge surgery or Sculpsure is a treatment that involves a laser light passing through the skin making the fat cells waste away in that particular area. According to aesthetic doctors in London, the little amount of fat that bulges out of the bra ruins the perfect fit of the clothes that the women wear. This fat can easily be removed using another procedure that makes use of radio-frequency micro-needles for the same. Whatsoever is the procedure chosen, the supposedly unsightly amount of skin or flesh between the armpits and the bra straps can easily be removed. Sculpsure is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that does not take much time and offers great results. This procedure is only available in plastic surgery and dermatology offices at present and might take around 12 weeks to show the desired results.

The Procedure

In this procedure, the fat cells are easily destroyed using laser and fat leaks out of the cells and gets transferred into the lymphatic. Post this, the fat components are processed in the liver and then excreted out of the body in the form of waste. There are small heated pads placed on the fatty deposits. These heated pads work by heating the fat cells that are beyond repair. The fat cells are heated for a time span of 25 minutes at every treatment session.

The Popularity of Sculpsure

One of the most obvious reasons behind the popularity of Sculpsure among patients is that there is the complete absence of downtime following the procedure. Post treatment, the patients do not experience any side-effects except minor soreness for one or two days. The patients are not restricted from carrying out their day to day activities. The patients can also expect to identify fat loss and positive effects in relation to body contouring just within six weeks of the treatment. Sculpsure is one procedure that helps in destroying around 24% of the fat cells that it treats. This helps the patients in getting a smoother silhouette in just one or two treatment sessions.

Is Sculpsure Really Effective and Should Women go for it?

Sculpsure is really very effective in sculpting the body of a woman especially the bulges close to the armpits that appear when a woman wears tight fitting clothes. However, women are not recommended to go for the procedure, not because it has any side-effects but because there are certain things expected out of a woman’s body physically. It is good for a woman to be slim but skinny is not the thing that they should attempt. Being curvy is good for a women but not being fat. So, there is no harm in having those bulges and a little bit of fat here and there is inevitable.  

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