Cosmetic Surgeon Calls for a Legal Ban on Surgeons Making Use of Snapchat for Broadcasting Surgeries

Laith Barnouti, a leading plastic surgeon in London has called for a legal ban on doctors and surgeons making use of different social media sites for broadcasting their surgeries. Dr. Barnouti slammed this practice as unethical and even said that phones in the operation theatres can serve as a distraction for the surgeons and even compromise the operation. He has taken up this stance against all those cosmetic surgeons who are into broadcasting their graphic operations on the social media sites and especially Snapchat. There are many plastic surgeons from Australia who have joined the well-known social media inclination towards using photo-sharing apps for live streaming their surgeries directly from the operation theatres.

Dr. Laith Barnouti’s Concerns

According to Dr. Laith Barnouti, if a plastic surgeon makes use of Snapchat while operating a patient, it means that the surgeon is putting down his or her tools and halting work for picking up the phone and taking images in the operation theatre while he has his patient lying on the operating table. The entire practice is not only unprincipled but disturbing and interfering at the same time. It is a practice that interferes with the progress and even with the positive results of a surgery. Dr. Laith is of the view that surgeons should have their focus on the welfare and the health of their patients. They must completely refrain from thinking about exchanging Snapchat messages while conducting complicated operations. Dr. Laith also came up with concerns that the use of smartphones in the operation theatres might be risky for the patients. This is because the patients are not sterilized before entering the operation theatre.

What do the Surgeons Using Snapchat Have to Say?

The concerns of Dr. Laith Barnouti come from the Westmead Private Hospital in Sydney announcing that it has completely banned its doctors from broadcasting the videos of their surgeries on different social media sites. Some cosmetic surgeons in Sydney who have been in the practice of broadcasting their individual surgeries on Snapchat include Kourosh Tavakoli and Eddy Dona. These doctors have come forward with explanations behind their video posts on Snapchat saying that they want to educate people about different plastic surgery procedures. The doctors further explained that people generally go through the before and after images and think that undergoing plastic surgery is something very glamorous. The doctors said that they wanted to make it obvious to people that the pathway to getting an appealing appearance through plastic surgery is never trivialized or glamorized. Cosmetic surgery is never minor and by having a word with the viewers across each cosmetic surgery procedure they are performing, they are actually making people aware of the risks involved. The doctors further claimed that they were not doing anything unethical by posting their surgeries on Snapchat. It is one of the ways in which they are helping people.

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