Cosmetic Surgeons Warn about Injectable Fillers Causing Blindness

South Korea is the country where the largest number of plastic surgery procedures are performed and as per reports of a new study conducted in South Korea, there are certain risks associated with different cosmetic procedures. This new study out forward the claims that patients being injected with fillers have increased chances of suffering from vision loss. Injectable dermal fillers are basically gel-like substances injected under the skin for restoring lost volume, softening creases, enhancing facial contours and smoothening lines and winkles. The study identified that there are millions of men and women undergoing procedures that involve the use of dermal fillers. The substances injected generally vary depending on the treatment area of the patient’s face and the individual requirements of the patients. However, typical injectable fillers include poly-L-lactic-acid, hyaluronic acid and other risky substances.

How is Vision Loss Caused through Injectable Dermal Fillers?

The study conducted in South Korea involved nine female patients ranging between ages 26 and 45. These female patients were injected using hyaluronic acid and all of them became the victims of permanent loss of vision. Since the year 2015, similar incidents have been reported internationally. If studies and reports are to be believed, there is no cure for vision loss caused due to injectable dermal fillers. The only solution to this problem is that people, on a very large scale, should be made aware of the fact that the use of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can cause permanent blindness. It is important for people to know that these invasive procedures are in no ways risk-free. According to experts in the field of cosmetic surgery, the cases of vision loss can occur due to injections administered not just under the eyes but also through injectables used in different parts of the body. Injections administered in almost any part of the facial artery can have the patients susceptible to certain risks. This is because the injected substance can easily travel through the facial artery to the corner of the eye further making its way to the retina resulting in vision loss.

Other Worsening Effects of Injectable Fillers

It is important to note that hyaluronic filler injections can result in the damage of the soft tissue in the lips, forehead, cheeks and nose. Therefore, it would be wrong if you think that cosmetic procedures like fillers, lasers and injectables are not dangerous and do not pose any risks. One of the rarest risks of being treated with filler injections is that the filler substance can easily get into the bloodstream and block the blood vessels. If this happens then the results can really be devastating. The substance that goes down creates a blockage that prevents the passage and the delivery of much-needed oxygen along with other important nutrients. This further results in major problems. In case the skin gets affected, it might develop scars and if the eyes are affected, permanent vision loss is the consequence.

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