Cost of plastic surgery? $16 globally. Dig in to know more about this crucial topic

A recent report from the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons claim that the people of America seeking Plastic Surgery has spent for more than $16 billionfor the cosmetic as well as the minimal invasive plastic surgery procedures, in the previous year. A list of the detail cost and accessed procedure of the plastic surgery are given below:

•    Augmentation of the buttocks numbered around 18,489 with the national average cost of $4,356

•    The procedure of tummy tucking were counted out to 127,633 with the average cost of $5,798

•    The procedure or Rhinoplasty was counted to 223018 with the average cost of $5,046

•    Liposuction procedure was counted up to 235,237 which amounted up to $3200

•    The procedure of the augmentation of the breast was counted up to 290467 with the average cost of $3719

The reports also incorporate the details of the other minimally chemical surgeries which are as follows:

•    Treatments with laser which were counted up to 656781 with the national average cost of $433

•    The procedure of the Microdermabrasion with 775014 procedures that costed up to $138

•    The procedure of chemical peel with the number 1.3 million with the cost of $673

•    The procedure of Hyaluronic acid filling counted up to 2 million with the average cost of $644

The procedure of treating the wrinkles with injections numbered up to 7 million with the average cost of $385. Although the average cost of the breast augmentation decreased from the former years by 2.7%, the cost of the Rhinoplasty as well as liposuction increased by 5.6% to 6.1% respectively.  The cost of the chemical peels also increased by 5.7% since the past year that is the year 2015. Actually, the cost is dependent on the factor of the type of surgery chosen, and also the very location of the surgeon to some extent. An experienced surgeon will obviously charge more and the cost also includes the cost of the insurance. The fees do not include the fees for anesthesia, the facilities of the operating room and other relevant expenditures. The president of the ASPS Debra Johnson remarked that it is extremely important for the patients to choose the services of the doctors or the surgeons who are certified by the board and also have a good amount of experience in the relative field. Otherwise, the procedures become too much risky and might even prove to extremely harmful with ugly results and side-effects. When it comes to managing the cost, the certified doctors, as mentioned earlier, will definitely charge more, and that is for good. It is also important for the doctor to learn about the proper ways of the procedures because of the fact that if a wrong surgery is done, the results can be extremely harmful for both the parties.

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