Double Chin Removal Procedures are Popular Among Plus-Size Models

There are many people who seem to be quite obnoxious when it comes to getting clicked. They are quite picky about the camera angle in which they are photographed. They want the camera to be held a little higher than the chest of the photographer with the left side being more visible than their right side, the reason being double chin. There are a lot of people who go to great lengths in order to avoid potential double chin situations. This might be annoying for sure and therefore there are certain cosmetic enhancement procedures that can be tried out for this problem. Plastic surgery or double chin cosmetic procedures can go a long way in helping people get chiseled jaw lines.

Why Plus-Size Models are Going for Double Chin Removal Procedures?

There are evidences that plus-size models are going to great lengths for getting rid of the extra skin on their chins. There has been an increase in women requesting double chin removal procedures in the recent times. There has also been an increase in the number of plus-size models going for the improvement of the contours of their lower face and neck. This is because models greatly value the significance of overall facial equilibrium. For the models, if the lower third of the neck and the face are completely out of balance showcasing more volume, their overall facial aesthetic has been negatively affected. People always have the freedom of doing whatever they would like to with their bodies and their appearances. So, if they like to go for certain surgeries and procedures that would help them in changing their appearances for good, then they have complete freedom to do so and this also goes for the plus-size models considering double chin removal procedures.

Two Popular Double Chin Removal Procedures

The double chin removal procedure can be carried out in two ways and they are through CoolMini which is an FDA approved non-invasive treatment or by way of Kybella injections. CoolMini is a procedure that helps in freezing fat around and even under the chin. CoolMini and Kybella injections, both these procedures help in reducing volume by doing away with fat. These are options that work wonder for the young patients with skin that re-drapes very well and is still quite elastic. These non-invasive treatment procedures require several treatments but it is worth noting that the treatment sessions are easy and quick. both the procedures do not have any downtime. Swelling is a common side effect for both the procedures and it lasts generally for one or two weeks. An average of $1, 500 is spent on each treatment per session. Plastic surgeons in this field are of the view that a minimum of two sessions each treatment are suggested for the ones looking for complete absence of double chin.


While CoolMini and Kybella injections are the best double chin removal procedures for young people, NeckTite and FaceTite are the double chin removal procedures recommended for individuals in their forties and fifties.

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