Everything that You Need to Know About Arm Lift Surgery

Bilateral Brachioplasty Surgery or Upper Arm Reduction Surgery can be of good help for surgical candidates in contouring and tightening the skin in their arms. Loose upper arm skin is quite common in individuals who have experienced skin aging or significant changes in body weight. The skin in the upper arm looks droopy and flabby and is commonly called bingo wings or bat wings and also tuck shop arms.

Brachioplasty Surgery or Arm Lift Surgery- What is it?

Brachioplasty or arm lift surgery is the procedure of reducing excess skin draping the upper arm area surgically. This reduction procedure generally covers the reduction of excessive skin in the elbows and even the under-arm area of the human body. There are Brachioplasty procedures that involve liposuction as well for reducing arm fat before removing excessive skin from the arms. Patients undergoing this procedure can expect an incision scar. The length and the visibility of this incision scar might vary from one patient to another. However, it is worth noting that the incision scar remains completely hidden or is less visible when the arms of an individual are by his or her sides. It is necessary for individuals undergoing this procedure to ask their surgeons about healing packages that can help in rapid recovery. The patients can also enquire about different types of scar management methods for minimizing scars post Brachioplasty surgery.

Different Varieties of Arm Lift/Arm Reduction Surgery or Brachioplasty

The Standard Brachioplasty procedure includes reduction of handing, excess skin from the elbow to the armpit. However, Extended Brachioplasty surgery includes a much larger part of the body along with the arm. The procedure of extended Brachioplasty includes the underarm area and the upper area of the chest wall. It also includes the arm starting from the elbow to the armpit. Extended Brachioplasty is a procedure that best works for post-bariatric patients who have undergone massive weight loss. Then there is Limited Brachioplasty procedure that involves an incision only in the armpit. The Limited Brachioplasty procedure is for the patients with smaller amounts of sagging or hanging skin in the upper arm. This procedure does not cause larger or several incision scars. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that every patient has his or her unique characteristics and therefore the results of these procedures might significantly vary from one patient to another. It is also important to note that what a patient does post surgery is essential for healing and this involves using compression garments for a specific span of time.


You can always schedule an appointment and even enquire about Brachioplasty surgery. You also have the option of reading Dr. Maxwell’s blog on Brachioplasty surgery protocols for exploring the way he can help his patients in minimizing the scars of arm lift surgery. Expert plastic surgeons also have the ability of helping individuals in determining the procedure that works best for them and helps them in achieving desired results.

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