Everything that You Need to Know About Endoscopic Face-Lift

A smartly loaded syringe in the hands of an expert can always help in restoring winsome fullness to cheeks that have flattened with time. Injectables can also be used for shaping an enviable booty, for refining an ugly nose or for reducing that double chin. There are different remaining flaws of the face and the body that can easily be undone just by the simple wave of a laser’s baton. Everything in just a few minutes and often without any bruises left behind. This is something quite miraculous right? However, there is one thing that remains unattainable even with the use of the best noninvasive devices and that is slack skin hoisting.

The Resurgence of the Face Lift

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that procedures like thermage, ultherapy and thread lifts can help in getting back that sagging skin which a result of aging. However, these procedures cannot help with the vague jaw lines and impending jowls that start appearing on the face post 40. This is the main reason why face-list is considered the one and the only procedure that is quite effective in elevating crispen jaw lines, in tightening the necks and in elevating the cheeks. Between the years 1997 and 2016, the popularity of face lift has increased by 22% and last year, this procedure also ranked amongst the top five surgical processes perfect for men. There are constantly certain upgrades being made by the doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery considering the resurgence of the face lift procedure. And it is only because of this reason that there is a brand new procedures come up aiming towards enhancement while minimizing scars. This procedure is called endoscopic face lift.

Endoscopic Face Lift is a Revolution

Konstantin Vasyukevich is the first specialist or surgeon to supplement face lift using an endoscope and thus the name endoscopic face lift. Vasyukevich is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon practicing in the New York City. He is also a clinical assistant professor of otorhinolaryngology- neck and head surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. An endoscope is an illuminated camera that is generally used for surveying internal organs, joints and gastrointestinal tracts. These cameras can also be used by cosmetic surgeons to see things that their eyes are not able to detect. These cameras give the surgeons a very clear picture of the entire facial structure right from the ears. This optical enhance in the present times is something quite revolutionary considering the fact that the present day plastic surgeons are not simply into snipping and pulling skin for getting that tighter effect but are working on deeper levels for lifting fallen skin and muscles and stitching them back to their positions. In perfect pioneer fashion, Vasyukevich has plans of introducing his procedure of endoscopic face lift to all his cosmetic surgeon peers hoping to popularize the procedure throughout the nation.

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