Experts Condemn Online Cosmetic Surgery Apps Aimed at Kids

Experts have highly condemned online cosmetic surgery apps aimed at children such as Little Skin Doctor, Pimp My Face and Princess Plastic Surgery. They have not only been condemned but experts also want them removed from the internet. There are medical specialists who agree with the point that cosmetic surgery apps can easily be accessed on the smartphones of people and they have a negative influence on children. The Plastic Surgery Channel is an American website and television network working with the objective of educating individuals about plastic and reconstructive surgery. The board certified cosmetic surgeons on this site have come up with open discussions about the negative impact of such apps on children. The surgeons are of the view that the results established with the use of these apps send out a very bad message to the young kids.

Princess Plastic Surgery- The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery App Online

Endangered Bodies- a lobby group based in Britain has collected over 20, 000 signatures on a certain online petition pleading to put an end to online plastic surgery apps that are directly aimed at kids. Colorful aesthetics and cheery music greet the users. The users are forced into downloading these cosmetic surgery apps available for free on smartphones and other devices. One such app aimed at kids is Princess Plastic Surgery and it has gained huge popularity in the recent times. This app allows its users to fix blemishes, wrinkles and acne on the faces of different princesses. There are different tools that the users can effectively use for erasing pimples magically and these include a zapper and a syringe containing Botox.

What do the Cosmetic Surgeons Have to Say?

Doctors and plastic surgeons are of the belief that such apps are in no ways a good idea for the impressionable young kids. Doctors and surgeons throughout the world fear that using these apps might have the children imitating the same behavior especially if the procedures shown in the apps are successful. These apps are highly contagious for teenagers with poor self-concept. Besides, Princess Plastic Surgery where users make use of different tools for removing the blemishes, wrinkles and acne on the faces of princesses, there are other apps that allow the users to upload a photo of themselves, edit their photo and see the results of certain procedures. These apps are even more dangerous though they might appear entertaining and amusing to the users. Cosmetic surgeons have out down their views and their concerns saying that such apps can contribute to an epidemic of mental and physical health issues in children and even in young adults below 18 years of age. The surgeons have not only called for legal ban on the use of these apps but they have also asked for tighter restrictions for ensuring that young adults are not able to access different cosmetic procedures.

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