Former President of ASPS Michael McGuire Dies at the age of 70

The former President of the ASPS Michael McGuire died in the last year’s month of November on the 14th day of the month. He was 70 at the time of his last breath. Dr. Michael McGuire is popularly known for his excellent career where he was a private practitioner and also a great leader in the vast area of reconstructive medicine. As mentioned earlier, Late Michael McGuire was the former president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. H e also served as the President of the California’s home Society of the Plastic Surgeons. He was also garnered with the honourable position of the director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. McGuire tirelessly advocated for the safety of the patients as well as the specialty of the doctors by his unparalleled determination for the expansion of the scope of the plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. He also identified the need of proper education of the surgery practitioners of the reconstructive medicine to get hold of the proper information and inculcating the proper skills of the surgery to avoid any kind of mishap. Without a proper core training, he advised the cosmetologists not to take up any kind of surgeries.

Know about Michael McGuire in the words of the experts

In the words of Dr. James Wells, also, a former President of the ASPS and the society of Plastic Surgeons of California, Dr; McGuire served cosmetology with his unmatched leadership qualities, with the help of which, he served the young and old alike., As mentioned earlier, only a few experts could match up to his immensely acclaimed expertise in the vast expanse of the medical science. He provided the enthusiasts of the cosmetic surgery with unbiased and precise information.

At the time of his presidency at ASPS, McGuire successfully focused in combating a 5% tax amount on the procedures of cosmetic surgery which had to be registered with a former draft of law of the reform of health. McGuire also formed new and improved models of business for the ASPS to create a viable platform for the people to access plastic surgery. On a global note it will not be wrong to say that he created a giant impression of ASPS in the world of cosmetology.  McGuire also crafted new regulations as well as laws for the ruling body of ASPS for performing the procedures of reconstructive surgeries in utmost safety and security. All McGuire wanted to do is t create a safe name for the cosmetic surgery and make it affordable as well as  available for each and every one out there, and not only the celebrities. Dr. Debra Johnson, the current President of the ASPS said that McGuire was a great doctor who put the need of patient safety on the first place.

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