German Model Gets Heads Turning with Extreme Cosmetic Surgery for Becoming Black Woman

The German glamor model Martina Big is providing a completely new meaning to being transracial by going for an extreme tanning session that has transformed her into a crispy brown woman. Just a session of three tanning injections and Martina had her fair skin transformed into dark brown. This has been the result of the major advancement that has taken place in the world of plastic surgery. Martina’s recent step of transformation was getting a good quality hair extension with African curly hair.  It was in the year 2012 when Martina started going under the knife in order to achieve complete transformation. Till date, she has been successful in doing so and has plans of getting facial reconstruction and butt implants next.

Procedures that Big has Already Undergone

It might sound really weird for a beautiful and glamorous model like Martina Big to undergo plastic surgery in order to become a black African woman. However, this weird thing has actually happened, thanks to plastic surgery. There are different plastic surgery procedures that Martina has already undergone in her attempt to look like a black woman. The procedures include skin darkening, hair dyeing, lip enhancement, breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty. She was praised for appearance by her fans including the color of her skin which she achieved by getting treated for enhancement in the production of melatonin. This had Big getting tanned very effectively and easily.

What Big has to Say About Her Transformation?

It seems that Martina Big is quite elated and happy about her transformation. In her Facebook post she has written that she definitely likes her changed appearance. She says that the darkened appearance that she wanted was directly from her heart. She also says that she will be making use of media attention for pointing out negative concepts existing about the Black individuals. She further said that she had never thought that her physical transformation would heat up discussions and give rise to several misunderstandings. There are many of the belief that she has gone through this transformation just for the sake of fun but this is not the truth. For Martina, her transformation is something very serious. Therefore, she makes use of the online social media channels for clarifying misunderstandings prior to them getting worse.

The Bottom Line

Martina Big, the German model claiming to have the largest breasts in Europe had had three tanning injections that turned her while skin into a deeper shade of brown. Martina does not plan to get off her tanning addiction and wants to have some more of injections that will enhance the melanin production in her body. She is 28 years of age and is quite clear of the fact that by going through her completely body and color transformation, she is, in no ways planning to change her race. Martina further added that she would never change the color of her eyebrows and eyes and these are the only natural things that she would like to possess. The best thing about all this is that she had got full family support.

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