Going for a Plumper and Bigger Buttock Might Turn Out to be a Medical Nightmare

Troubles began for a woman identified as I.T when she used the services of a beautician located in Monterey Park coming with the claims of making the woman’s buttocks look fuller and larger by using lamb fat injections in a series. The name of the beautician is Ana Bertha Diaz Hernandez. The woman was informed that the lamb fat injections used for the procedure were absolutely safe and will stay in perfect place until her death. This has been stated by the Federal Authorities. However, post being treated with the injections, the woman instantly started noticing that the product has moved into her legs, hips and back. The result being a major reconstructive surgery that the women had to undergo in order to restore the shape of her buttocks.

The Charges and the Arrest

It was on 1st June that the Federal authorities came to know about Diaz Hernandez when the victimized woman filed a complaint against the beautician with the Medical Board of California. Diaz Hernandez was arrested on charges of federal felony alleging receipt of a misbranded and adulterated device, misbranding of prescribed drugs and smuggling of merchandise. According to the Federal Authorities, Diaz Hernandez does not hold a license for performing cosmetic procedures and medical treatments in California.

The Procedure

The procedure that the victimized woman had to go through involved five visits and several injections of lamb cells. As per the statement that the women gave to the Federal authorities, she learned about Diaz Hernandez from an acquaintance. Her acquaintance had also received injections from the beautician had no side effects. Once Diaz was contacted, she said that she had the ability of injecting lamb cells into the buttocks. The woman was fully guaranteed about the safety of the treatment through photographs and certificates of the beautician having performed the same procedure successfully for several patients. The woman’s buttocks were examined by Diaz in the treatment room and she used a black marker for pinpointing different areas on the buttocks. Post this, the injections were given using a large syringe and a firm and clear liquid went into the buttocks. This was an unscented and oily product consistent with silicone as per FDA officials. According to what the woman was informed by Diaz, this product was so very popular that she had to leave the country for buying some more of it. Diaz recommended that the women should get a total of 15 injections in each buttock for getting the best results. She also recommended getting amino acid shots for removing stretch marks. Post the first visit, the women got back to Diaz’s clinic four times for receiving the injections with a total expenditure of about $5, 000 to $6, 000 for the entire treatment. Recovery took 23 days and she stayed in California during the recovery period.

The Reality

The FDA officials are still not sure of the product that was injected into the woman’s buttocks but they guess that it would be silicone. FDA has never approved using injectable silicone for the purpose of body contouring. This is because it might be risky for the health of a patient. Thus, it is a major crime that has been committed on the part of Diaz Hernandez.

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