Hat Yai- A Major Hub for Plastic Surgery Drawing in More and More Indonesians

Despite the fact that major airlines have ended direct flights between Hat Yai and Indonesia, for the well-off Indonesians, Hat Yai is still one of the most well-known destinations specifically for the ones who are looking to go for cosmetic surgery. The Indonesian visitors to Hat Yai generally come from Tanjung Pinang in Riau Islands close to Singapore, Jakarta and Medan located in North Sumatra. These visitors from Indonesia are generally well-off individuals who have the capacity to spend between 4, 000 to 5, 000 baht every day while in Hat Yai. These visitors generally come to Hat Yai for long holidays and even during school breaks, travelling in families or groups. Most of them look forward to purchasing package tours. However, there are even people coming to Hat Yai for the purpose of cosmetic surgery like eye and nose jobs, sex change procedures and breast augmentation.

A Major Hold Back for Indonesians

Unluckily though, direct flights between Hat Yai and Indonesia were completely discontinued until recently. This has forced the visitors to transit by way of Malaysia and even Singapore to visit Hat Yai. The visitors also take the bus route to Hat Yai. The reason behind Indonesian airlines discontinuing direct flights to Hat Yai was the major loss that was incurred because of low number of passengers of the return flights. This was because the Indonesian visitors were fond of travelling to the other provinces of Thailand as well and flew back home from these provinces instead of going back to Hat Yai. It is also worth noting that there were very few Thais travelling from Hat Yai to Indonesia. Despite the discontinuation of flights there are around 20, 000 to 30, 000 Indonesians visiting Hat Yai for plastic surgery procedures.            

The Evolution of Cosmetic Surgery in Hat Yai

Cosmetic surgery provided in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district is quite popular with the patients coming from Indonesia. Here, it is important to note that there are patients who usually choose Penang in Malaysia as the perfect destination for various other medical treatments. Cosmetic surgery in Hat Yai started being promoted during the Second World War. This was because of a large number of victims who had gone through major injuries during the war. This led to the evolution of specialty centers aimed at rebuilding the disfigured limbs and the faces of the victims. Over time, patients started resorting to Hat Yai cosmetic surgery for improving their implants that deteriorated over the years.

Common Cosmetic Surgery procedures Practiced in Hat Yai

If you are thinking of losing some body weight while defining the contours of the body inside a cosmetic surgery center in Hat Yai, liposuction is the surgery that you need to go for. Liposuction helps in the removal of fat deposits from specific parts of the body. Maxillofacial reconstruction is another important aspect of Hat Yai cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery in Hat Yai is one of the best options that you must value in order to improve your appearance.

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