How the victims of bullying are more growing desire for going under the knife

Children, especially the teenagers who are involved in the malpractice of bullying, be it the perpetrators or the victims, are prone to go under the knife more, than other people. This fact has been laid down by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the ASPOS in their recent reports. The victims especially want to look more attractive by fixing their bodily flaws so that instead of facing the constant criticism of the bullies, they get admired by the people. The report elaborated the claim by saying that cosmetic surgeries for the poor condition of the psychology is inspiring the victims to go under the knife, without even thinking about the cons of the procedures that they might have to face in the near future. Dr. Wolke of the Warwick University and his colleagues of the same institute have inferred that to avoid these circumstances, the plastic surgeons must make it a point to screen the patient first and help them with proper counseling of their emotional turmoil by providing them confidence, rather than giving into their baseless desire for going under the knife to avoid the bullying circumstances. This is extremely unethical due to the fact that seeking the permanent changes of the body for mere and temporary issues of bullying does not have any proper ground. A procedure of plastic surgery is meant for the people who are in need of them for medical conditions as well as the beauty enhancing purposes of the show business.

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The recent study of the subject has laid the light on the fact that British children, especially in the age group of 11 to 16, nearing to the whopping number of 2,800 were identified who went to the cosmetic surgeon for getting their face done, and the most striking part of this is the fact that the parents as well are giving them the inspiration to go and enhance themselves with the help of the plastic surgeons. Peer pressure is something which can never be avoided by the people, especially the school or college going children, but when it comes to combatting the cat calls or the teases, plastic surgery must never be considered as any solution to the problem. Before, the trend of getting the surgery or the procedures done were seen with the victims of the bullying only, but in the recent turn of events, the perpetrators are also making it a point to go under the knife. It is also striking that among the plastic surgery seeking students, the girls are higher in number than the boys. It is normal to be psychologically stressed when one is criticized every day in a routine, but plastic surgery can never be the solution.

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