Instagram is the Sole Reason Behind Women Going for Plastic Surgery

According to experts, more and more women are opting for plastic surgery below 40 years of age instead of the average 42 years. This has happened for the first time and the Instagram culture is considered the main culprit for this rapid increase in younger women going for plastic surgery. However, it is not the women only who are choosing to go under the knife for altering their looks. Even men are going for this procedure and it has been found that the average age men looking for plastic surgery has dropped from 47 to 45. The trend of posting selfies on the social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and image filtering are some of the major reasons behind an increase in young patients choosing plastic surgery.

Why are People Bent of Going Under the Knife?

Experts are of the belief that majority of the patients use filters on their smart devices. They use these filters for making certain changes to their appearances. Post this; they see how they can improve their appearances by making these changes. If they find that certain changes in the facial structure is working for the good, they come to the conclusion that plastic surgery would help them in improving their looks. They try replicating their filtered look throughout plastic surgery. People also have this strong desire of looking good on the different social media platforms and especially Instagram and Facebook. These are the platforms where a large number of people are found sharing their personal photos and that too o a very extensive scale.

Facebook and Instagram are the Main Culprits Behind Youngsters Opting Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Julian de Silva, a cosmetic surgeon from the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Hammersmith, West London claims that there are good reasons behind more and more youngsters going for plastic surgery. While he claims to refuse operating any individual below a specific age limit, he says that young individuals generally carry out a research and then make positive decisions for improving their appearance. There are many young individuals who see heir baggy eyelids, large nose, weak chin and thin lips as an obstacle for acceptance and therefore want to change them in order to bring about a positive change in their lives. Undoubtedly, the Instagram culture is having a great impact on young patients. With the evolution of the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, there has been an increase in the desire to appear good and attractive. This has also led to an increase in the popularity of other appearance improvement procedures like teeth whitening.

The Outcome

The filters used on the smartphones of the people are effective in improving appearance instantly and this is something that plants the seed of going under the knife in the minds of many patients. The fact that more and more celebrities are going for plastic surgery in order to improve their looks and appearances has also caused the young individuals to take plastic surgery as a genuine option. it has been proved through research that there is almost half of the world population looking for change in looks and appearances. Without taking costs into consideration, more and more people are going for plastic surgery in order to achieve this goal.

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