Is a Ban Necessary on Cosmetic Surgery for the Under 18s?

Experts in the field of science and medicine are of the view that a ban is absolutely necessary on cosmetic surgery procedures being performed on the under 18s. It has been reported by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics that there are many companies that exploit the teenagers and even out them at this high risk of untested and dangerous cosmetic procedures. The council is of the belief that children below 18 years of age should not be allowed to receive cheek implants, Botox and lip fillers. The council warns that this is a thing of serious consideration and the ethics of the fast developing plastic procedure industry should be modified to some extent.

The Results of an Investigative Report on Plastic Surgery Practice

The online cosmetic surgery games and other applications are aimed towards encouraging children to go for cosmetic surgery and this is something that is no acceptable. It has been found in a certain research that unprofessional and inexperienced beauticians without any medical training or certification are providing lip fillers for just $59 to school girls. These unregulated and unlawful filler treatments being provided to young girls are one of the best examples of what the council is concerned about. It has also been revealed through an investigative report that the non-ethical and inexperienced beauticians are also advertising plastic procedures on a very wide scale. They are doing this on the social media sites.

How is the Cosmetic Procedure Industry Exploiting People?

There are better regulations needed when it comes to the safety and the quality of different cosmetic procedures. These regulations should also be in place for the people carrying these procedures out and for the once undergoing these procedures. According to the council, there should be a new licensing schedule put in place along with new age limits. The industry for cosmetic procedures is one big industry that is highly unregulated. It is an industry that is exploiting adults and young individuals on a very wide scale. This exploitation is being made through the promotion of unproven and untested cosmetic procedures and products.

What is the Solution?

The solution for such large-scale exploitation in the name of improved body and facial appearance and improved self-esteem and confidence is helping the society recognize how revolting these procedures and products are. It is important for the governments in different countries to legally enforce medical guidelines or rules that come with strict penalties for companies and surgeons not complying with them. The governments in different countries should take proper action in this regard. They should come up with solutions that actually work and not just lame excuses of not being able to do anything because of the large structure of the plastic procedure industry. The poor condition of the industry can be improved only by putting proper regulations and rules in place.

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