It is impossible to determine the shape of the breast implants, even for the experts. Read why

When the before and the after photos of the patients of breast surgery were viewed, the plastic surgeons failed to determine which kind of augmentation, that is round or anatomically designed were implanted into them. This report was printed in the last January issue of the medical journal of the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. When a small group of the patents were studies by the experts of the plastic surgery, the difference between the usage of the round shaped breast implant and the other shaped varieties of the same were indeterminable by a group of plastic surgeons.  This research was led by the IMED of the Department of Hospital for Plastic Surgery, of Spain’s Valencia; Dr. Carlos Rubi stated that the usage of the tear shaped breast implants, which is gradually gaining a huge popularity, is actually very much unjustified for the usages breast implants.

The details about the study conducted by the experts

In the aforementioned experiment, a least 30 of the expert nurses and doctors of the procedures of the plastic surgery were shown the pre and the post operative photographs of the nearly 30 women who had a breast implant surgeries in the past few months. The surgeries involved the implants of the breast in the conventional round shaped and the newly popular bodily shaped ones. The purpose of the experiment was to differentiate in between the women patients  15 of whom went for the round shaped implants while the other 15 who went for the anatomically shaped ones. The only common thing rather than the procedure of surgeries were, the placements of thee silicone implants under their sub-pectoral muscles of the breast that were within the size of 300 cc.

The photos were given to the nurses as well as he doctors to determine which set of the breasts had undergone the surgery for the round set of implants, while who underwent the surgery for the anatomically shaped implants. To be on a safer side, there were nearly 50-50 chances for the observers to determine the correct shape of implants through the photographs, by the experts. A mismatch of point of views and agreement occurred in between the experts who took part in the experiment in between the experts, although, the plastic surgeons could determine the differences better than the nurses in that case. It is being said that the pre operative photographs of the patients helped a lot to the experts for determining the shape of the same.

Learn about the latest trend of the tear drop shaped breast implants

The tear drop shaped anatomical breast implants were introduced recently and in just a short matter of time, the implant has managed to gather a huge number of fans in its name. Dr. Rubi said that the tear shaped implants portrayed a natural look for the organs in the patients.

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