Learn about Plastic Surgery from Twitter. How? Read below to know more…

Social media has become a great tool for the people for only to socialize, but also to globalize. With the help of these mighty websites, the people can not only make friends, but can also know about anything and everything under the Sun, and now, you can also get information about the lesser talked and explored physical procedure of Plastic Surgery. Yes, you read that very much right, Twitter has now become the hub of information for this cosmetic procedure subject for helping out the people to get the correct educating details of the subject, and the experts are now just a hash tag and Twitter handle away. But beware; only a small percentage of the social media sources are actually reliable with their sources of information. Their tweets have only a little amount of scientific evidence, and therefore, calling them misleading will not at all be wrong. Only a small percentage of the information of Plastic Surgery is credible, and they are posted on Twitter by the certified experts. This report has been published in the recent medical journal of the ASPS or the American Society of the Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Olivier Alexandre Branford of London’s Royal Marsden Hospital has remarked those social platforms like Twitter has provided the best platform to learn about the vast and lesser cultured subject of plastic surgery, correctly knowing about which is extremely crucial for the people to know. But in reality, instead of the correct information, the false and unruly posts comprise of celebrity gossips and their experience of the plastic surgery, which the people do not need to know of, generally, and all of these posts are carried out by the surgeons and the experts who are not certified by the board.

Ensuring the correct information about Plastic Surgery on Twitter

The technical researchers in collaboration with the medical experts have found out that the types as well as the sources f the Plastic Surgery posts on Twitter, nearly 29,000 posts on the subject were made by only the 6% of the certified doctors. The rest of the posts were majorly made by the public in general context, and the rest made by fake doctors. In fact, to be specific, a majority of the tweets on the social media on plastic surgery were 50% regarding the news of the plastic procedures of the celebrities, and the gossips encircling it. The rest of the information was regarding general give and take information of the proper information in between the people. Only a few posts encircled around the important topics of the subjects like pros, cons, information on before and after care of the procedures, the latest innovations in the world of reconstructive surgery etc. Nearly 5% of the posts had PlasticSurgery, a high percentage of which only contained matters of self-promotion.

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