Melania Trump- The Next Big Inspiration for People Willing to Get Cosmetic Surgery

A Texas based woman will be undergoing a total of eight cosmetic surgery procedures simply because she has this strong desire of looking like Melania Trump-the First Lady. Times have greatly changed. Previously, there were a large number of women found going under the knife just for the sake of looking very similar to Ivanka Trump-the First daughter. However, at present, it seems that every woman in the United States has this strong yearning to look very similar to Melania Trump.

What is the Melania Makeover?

Requests for the features and the appearances of Melania Trump-the former model are so popular throughout the United States that a plastic surgeon has come up with a procedure called Melania Makeover. The surgeon is Dr. Franklin Rose based in Houston. This procedure was introduced by Dr Rose once he found that the interest of the clients in moving from Ivanka to Melania. There are many women who had previously visited his office with the determination of looking like Ivanka. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise when there are people coming with the requests of looking like Melania. Melania is truly gorgeous and therefore there is no harm in naming a cosmetic procedure on the name of this gorgeous lady. The Inside Edition also features a patient’s journey towards becoming Melania. This story is called Melania in the Making.

Woman All Set for the Melania Makeover

When it comes to naming and getting the details of some women who have are all set to undergo the Melania Makeover, the name of Claudia Sierra is worth mentioning. Sierra is a cancer survivor and a mother as well. Melania for Sierra illustrates strength and power. She looks forward to resembling the first lady closely and becoming a better version of herself. The makeover or the cosmetic surgery procedure that Sierra will be going through will include revision Rhinoplasty, revision breast reduction, liposuction, Brazilian buttock lift, eyelid lift, injectable treatments, fillers, Botox and the Mommy makeover which will include tummy tuck. Other women just like Sierra are willing to spend a huge amount of money in order to look like Melania.

The Melania Makeover Craze in Other Countries

Not only in the United States but women living in China are also willing to go for different cosmetic surgery procedures in order to look similar to the members of the first family of America. In China, there are many cosmetic surgery centers that provide breast augmentation and liposuction along with surgeries around the nose and the eyes. These centers come as great help for women willing to look like Melania Trump. There are several other countries where this Melania Makeover trend is being practiced in full swing. With the availability of advanced procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery, nothing is impossible for the ones willing to spend money.

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