More and More Men are Seeking Facial Cosmetic Surgery as Surveyed by AAFPRS

It is the desire of staying marketable and competitive in the dating and the workplace arena is something that is driving men towards seeking facial cosmetic surgery. This has been found out by a survey carried out on 618 men. The survey was conducted by AAFPRS or American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Among the participants or the respondents, 31% of them stated that they had good chances of considering plastic procedure either surgical or non-surgical while 44% men stated that they would undergo a treatment just to feel good about their looks. 31% of the respondents shared their willingness to go for a fix for pleasing their partners and 31% wanted to undergo the procedure for looking less stressed and tired. There was another 25% considering a procedure for remaining competitive in their jobs.

A Bent towards Looking Less Stressed and Tired

So, what is it that men are bothered about the most? As per the AAFPRS survey, 60% of men are concerned about the lack of hair while 44% of them have eye and skin issues. 21% of the respondents were bothered about their neck and chin and another 19% had forehead wrinkle worries. According to experts at AAFPRS, there are more and more men going for cosmetic procedures with the desire of looking less stressed and tired. There are different procedures that can help in reversing sagging, perpetually tired-looking and puffy eyes. These procedures include eyelid lift or Blepharaplasty, as it is popularly called and neuromodulator like Botox for doing away with crow’s feet.

How has the Face of Cosmetic Procedures Changed?

The face of cosmetic surgery has greatly changed and this is due to the cultural shifts that have been made regarding cosmetic surgery and the major advancements in the field of minimally invasive technologies. There has been a rising demand for different non-invasive procedures in comparison to surgery with more and more individuals adopting Botox in the form of a routine for wrinkle prevention. It is not that the respondents were not concerned about the risks of cosmetic procedures. There were around 46% who had these concerns and this is the reason why experts suggest that credentials are always very important to consider when making the choice of a plastic facial surgeon. It is always very important for individuals considering facial cosmetic surgery to do their research and make the choice of a board-certified specialist who is adept at carrying out cosmetic surgery of the neck, head and face. Making the choice of a surgeon by considering his or her price rather than the qualifications might present catastrophic results.

The Most Popular Cosmetic procedures for Men

Nowadays even men have become conscious about their looks and they are found tackling their appearances with facial cosmetic surgery. Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men especially concerning the face include Botox, fat injections and fillers, hair restoration and ablative skin resurfacing.

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