More Millennial Men Going for Cosmetic Surgery

It has been revealed trough a report that cosmetic surgery is getting very popular among men and this goes special for millennials. Studies conducted in this field have revealed that there are more and more men who are willing to go under the knife for several reasons. The reasons behind men going for plastic surgery are varied. There are some men who want to maintain their youthful look while there are others to want to feel great about themselves and thus they want to go for plastic surgery. There are even some men who like to go under the knife in order to please their partners. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery treatments that men seem to undergo include ear pinning, chest reductions and nose jobs.

Why is Plastic Surgery a New Trend among Men?

Millennials make up around 31% of the total number of men who want to go for plastic surgery. Millennials have come forward with the views that they would like to go for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Millennials account for around 92% males going for plastic surgery procedures. This percentage is a result of the survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery on men who wish to undergo different cosmetic procedures for altering their appearance. The survey not only brought forward the percentage of the total number of men who would like going for plastic surgery but even the reason behind the men doing so.

What are the Reasons behind More and More Men Going for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

The men aged between 25 and 34 came up with the reason that they want to feel better about themselves and this is the reason why they want to go for plastic surgery. Around 60% men citied this reason. The ones aged between 18 and 24 also followed the same pattern of response but with a low percentage. There are other reasons also cited for undergoing plastic surgery by men and these include remaining competitive in one’s field of work, get a mate and loss less exhausted. The obsession with several celebrities going for plastic surgery and the craze to appear attractive on social media are some of the most common reasons behind men going for plastic surgery.

What Doctors Have to Say?

Doctors around the world are of the view that social media is quite heavy with videos and pictures making people aware of their looks. Plastic surgery comes as a boon for all those men who want to maintain a youthful look in order to appear attractive on the social media platforms. This has led to an increase in the demand for non-invasive cosmetic treatments. It has been found that there are many millennials looking to adopt Botox for regular wrinkle prevention. The lack of hair and the tired look of the eyes and the skin in non-millennials and older men are other reasons behind the increase in the demand for plastic surgery procedures.

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