More Patients Going for Cosmetic Surgery Due to Firework Injuries

Cherry bombs sparklers and fireworks can result in serious injuries along with expensive hospitals checks. This is the reason why the Independence Day holiday is considered a very busy time for surgeons like Dr. Bruce Kramer. Dr. Bruce is the head of cosmetic surgery at St. Louis University Hospital. According to Dr. Kramer, people have started using powerful fireworks that come with the risks of causing severe injuries. These fireworks can not only cause burns but can also result in eye injuries. Such fireworks also have the capacity of blowing the hands of people apart. Dr. Kramer is the member of a team taking up hand restoration work post firework injury.

How are Fireworks Hazardous?

There are different varieties of fireworks used for celebrating different patriotic, cultural and religious festivals, events and holidays across the world. Powerful fireworks are quite common throughout the United States. Fireworks are widely used in the US during the National Independence Day which is also called July Fourth. Using fireworks within the framework of holidays and celebrations creates that perfect environment for different accidents resulting in dangerous and severe injuries. Common firework injuries are the ones to the fingers, hands and wrists. Around 57% injuries manifest as burns, 16% as bruises and 15.8% as open wounds. Considering these percentages, it can rightly be said that these pyrotechnics tend to be significantly hazardous. The injuries caused due to fireworks are a public health issue.

Plastic Surgery as an Option for Patients of Firework Injuries

Facial injuries caused due to firework explosions are a challenging issue in terms of restoration of oral, facial and ocular function. In spite of the well documented pervasiveness of the use of firework and the injuries caused, there is comparatively a huge deficit in information about firework injury involving the face. A major study conducted on a total of 294 people suffering from firework injuries found that around 78% people were the victims of burns caused due to fireworks; 43% patients had fractures while 70% of them suffered from vision loss. Fireworks not only result in burns but the explosions completely rip through bone, muscle and skin. It is only because of the huge number existing in the category of patients suffering from firework injuries that surgeons consider plastic surgery as a great help for the people. Of course, plastic surgery can go a long way in healing the injuries and in improving the damaged appearances of people who have been the victims of firework injuries.

Claims Coming from the Firework Industry

The firework industry has recently come up with claims that all its products have become safer. With states legalizing fireworks recently, the number of injuries caused due to fireworks have gone down significantly. Firework laws in different states have been relaxed and there is a complete ban on consumer fireworks. In some states, there is a complete ban on kids below 12 years of age buying fireworks.

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