Online Sites on Trial for Illegal Involvements with Plastic Surgery Hospitals

The prosecution in South Korea has charged online sites for the first time for selling plastic surgery coupons to consumers in conspiracy with several cosmetic surgeons and cosmetic surgery hospitals. Though there are arguments out up by the online shopping websites that this practice is nothing more than simple marketing strategy, the prosecutors in South Korea are of the view that the online shopping websites entering into conspiracies with cosmetic surgeons in marketing or selling cosmetic surgery as coupons is something that shows the breach of the medical laws of the country.

Charges Faced by Officials from the Shopping Sites and the Site Owners

Three professionals connected to two online shopping sites including Kang, the 42-year old individual, have been found guilty without custody for selling around 98% discount coupons for cosmetic surgery at specific hospitals. Apart from this, a total of 30 cosmetic surgeons also face charges without custody on similar grounds. Staring from the year 2012 to 2016, over 27, 000 patients have been found to visit both these online shopping sites in question spending around 18 billion. Both these online shopping sites are have been charged for receiving 15% to 20% commissions illegally from the newly established cosmetic surgery hospitals in exchange of serving as brokers introducing the hospitals to a large number of customers. There are additional charges being faced by the officials belonging to these online shopping sites. The officials face charges of manipulating reviews and making use of misleading language and practices that are completely out of law.

What does the Medical Community has to Say About this Collusion?

As per the present South Korean medical laws, it is completely illegal for different business undertakings to help attract or introduce customers to cosmetic surgeons or medical institutions meant to deliver cosmetic procedures. The medical community has put forward arguments claiming that this practice on their end and on the end of the online shopping sites is just plain and simple marketing. However, the prosecution and the charges faced by the sites over conspiracy with cosmetic surgeons will have subsequent effect on the controversial tie-ups between the online shopping sites and other medical organizations.

Other Issues with the Online Community in Relation to Plastic Surgery

The online community not only faces charges of selling discount coupons for plastic surgery but there are many online sites that have been charged for marketing plastic surgery applications as well. These apps help their users in getting an idea about their appearance post plastic surgery. The apps help in transforming the body and the face of the users for replicating the results of bum implants and nose jobs. These applications are intended to entertain and amuse their users but there are strong fears that they might contribute to the epidemic of mental health issues in children.

What Needs to be Done?

It is high time when online shopping sites and other websites on the internet should stop marketing plastic surgery by entering into agreements with cosmetic surgery hospitals and organizations. These are practices that are against the law and they must be stopped immediately.

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