Otoplasty- An Unusual Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Making Waves on Instagram

There are a large number of cosmetic surgeons that make use of different social media platforms and especially Instagram for showcasing their recent work which includes rhinoplasties, facelifts and breast implants. Nevertheless, it is not just the jay-dropping and the innumerable before and after images that catch our attention on the social media sites but the more unusual and uncommon surgeries that the specialists post with Otoplasty or ear surgery being the latest example.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is also called cosmetic ear surgery and it is a process that helps in changing the size, position and the shape of the ears. People who are worried about how far their ears stick out from their heads are the ones who can go for Otoplasty. The ones who have mishappened ears due to birth defect or accidents can also choose Otoplasty. It is a procedure that can be done at almost any age provided the ears have reaches their complete size and this is generally after five years of age. However, there are rare cases when the surgery has been reported to be conducted at an early age of 3. In children born with ear-shape issues or prominent ears, splinting might be successful in correcting such problems provided the procedure is started immediately post birth. Ears that are congenitally prominent are cosmetic deformity and they can have serious behavioral and emotional effects on a child. The surgical procedure called Otoplasty has been specifically designed for giving the auricle a more anatomical and natural appearance.

The Procedure

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves pinning the ear very close to the head with the attempt that the ears do not stick out of the sides of the face. There are a large number of doctors throughout the world found making use of this surgical procedure for creating more proportionate and less prominent ears. It is only because of the successful results that it offers, Otoplasty has gained huge popularity on the social media platforms. It has already got more than 7000 posts on the popular social media site Instagram and its popularity is increasing day by day. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that this type of ear surgery is certainly trending but it is also important to keep in mind that cosmetic surgery trends do not seem to last for a very long time. Therefore, it is always very important to discuss such procedures with board-certified and experience doctors and specialists prior to taking further steps.

The Results of Otoplasty

While there are always certain risks involved with almost every type of medical or cosmetic procedure, the results of Otoplasty are something that cannot be ignored. First let us know about some possible risks of this procedure which include scarring, asymmetrical ear positioning, issues with stitches, modifications in skin specification and overcorrection. However, the results of Otoplasty are always beneficial and effective. Once the bandages are removed, you can immediately notice a chance in the appearance and the look of the ears. It is worth noting that the changes caused by way of this procedure are permanent.

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