Patients have to stop smoking e-cigarettes before opting for plastic surgery

The cigarette smokers are always at an increased risk of developing complications in every illness. The same applies to plastic surgery too. Moreover, e-cigarettes have also been found to be detrimental to the health of a patient before a plastic surgery process. Liposuction is the process of sucking out the adipose depositions off your body through invasive surgical method. There are people out there, who, no matter how fit they are, how intensively they follow a strict healthy diet regime, have certain areas where they will have unwanted extra fat deposited. In the case of men, the area mostly involves the waist line, while in women; the areas are abnormally more, like thighs, arms, hip, and tummy. Liposuction is the procedure to cut these extra fatty deposits and give the body a toned structure. Once the surgery is done, the most crucial part comes. That is the after care. After care is very important since, without any proper diet or exercise, a patient can again grow deposits of fat inside the body.

Tumescent laser liposuction first melts and dissolves the fat before the deposit is removed from the body part. It is as easy as it reads (at least in this case). This procedure has proven to cause less discomfort as well as bleeding with the patients. The process results in less bleeding, smooth and even toned skin, less pain. The tumescent solution is pushed inside the skin area which is to be operated just before the starting of the laser application. Tumescent numbs the area, and the pain can be controlled for the next twenty-four hours. Since the solution also lessens the bleeding, it also reduces bruising and swelling after the procedure is over and the patient recovers speedily. There are little to no skin abnormalities after the surgery. But smoking e-cigarettes can be detrimental to the cause as it can complicate matters.

Prior deciding that if you want to go for a nonsurgical liposuction procedure then at first you need to consult your doctor. He or she will guide you with every surgical decision making. Here are some instances when you need to consider a fat reducing procedure

If a patient is struggling with pockets of fat that are too stubborn, it can be reduced with exercise and diet. If you have thick layers in some unexpected areas, like the fat deposition in your abdomen, back portion, and thighs. After prolong exercise regime, and following fat reduction diet religiously, there is no visible improvement. You are too obese that only exercise and diet will not be enough to help you. So, now you know when exactly to consider getting a fat reduction non-surgical procedure done. Hence, you should stop smoking e-cigarette for an uneventful plastic surgery.

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