Paul Cederna is the newly elected president of the Plastic Surgery Foundation

The world’s largest firm for onboard plastic surgeons elected Paul Cederna as the new chairperson of the Plastic Surgery Foundation. It is believed that he has excellent control over reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. After the conclusion of the meeting of the members of the Foundation, Dr. Paul was conferred the honorary degree.  

AS per the views of Dr. Paul, he is an exuberant researcher by himself and is feeling a sense of honor to lead such a vast group of talented surgeons. Moreover, he is also of the opinion that he is keen to work with his colleagues all over the world.

Dr. Cederna graduated from the University of Michigan with Biomedical Engineering. He received his MD degree from the Michigan Medical School. Quite interestingly, he has also completed a residency degree in General Surgery. Moreover, he also has a private training of microsurgery from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. The achievements of Dr. Cederna are quite enviable as he has received grants from the government to carry forward his training related to nerve injury and repair.

Everyone is running after obtaining a slim, trim figure burning loads of fat in one go. The fat reduction has been the most painful cosmetic surgery of all time. Ever since medical science has invented this groundbreaking surgery, the world is going gaga over the miraculous result. Many of us are there roaming around with bulging fat here and there. According to Dr. Cederna, the renowned surgeon, that through the latest technique of sculpture all the unwanted fat could vanish.

The myth of cosmetic surgery costs you a bomb should also be perceived well agree on Dr. Cederna, the head of body cosmetics. So what Dr. Paul believes is that big burning surgery is not at all scary and should not be regarded with a negative notion. Cosmetic surgery is like any other regular operation as per Dr. Paul.

If you hire the right service provider and visit the good surgeon, then you will come out of the operation theater with flying colors. You would not sport any uncanny scars or blemishes, which might bother you afterward. The surgeons know how to hide any transaction marks aesthetically without causing any harm to your body.

As per Dr. Paul, plastic surgery can be a very confusing topic for many people around the world. One of the main reasons for the confusion surrounding the concept of plastic surgery is the lack of knowledge and awareness. People often relate plastic surgery with Hollywood stars going under the knife and getting their looks changed. However, plastic surgery is way beyond just that. There have been many cases recorded where plastic surgery has helped victims of horrific accidents get back their life as it was before. All in all plastic surgery is like any other surgery that a person can undergo. It has its risks like any other medical operations. There are more cases of successful plastic surgeries than plastic surgeries gone wrong.

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