Physician Debra Johnson is the new president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is regarded as one of the largest organization of certified surgeons who are quite adept in their skills. After the conclusion of the Society’s annual meeting, she has conferred the honorary position. Over the next few years, she will head the ASPS in its effort to increase awareness among the public about the various processes of plastic surgery. As per her views, plastic surgery is not only about enhancing the statistics of the body; it is also about rebuilding the lives of many patients. Moreover, she is also of the view that there is an utmost need for quality surgeons all over the world and this is the reason that board certification is essential.

She joined the Plastic Surgery Centre in the year 1989 and was the first woman plastic surgeon from Sacramento. She received her plastic surgery degree and MD degree from her private training at Stanford. Moreover, she also has the unique prestige of undertaking a cosmetic surgery fellowship university in Paris.

Dr. Johnson is a legendary figure in the field of plastic surgery as she has treated many new born babies with facial deformities and has given them a chance to lead a normal life. She also teaches various surgeons on how to care for these types of children. Furthermore, Dr. Johnson has traveled to numerous developing countries to treat patients in hostile living conditions. Hence, it is evident that she truly deserves the position of the MD as conferred by the ASPS. Her practice includes several aspects of cosmetic surgery. Quite interestingly, she is adept in post-mastectomy reconstruction and other reconstructive processes. She cares for children born with facial deformities as she is associated with the Sutter Cleft Lip.

Plastic surgeries are carried out by certified board surgeons who provide quality service to their patients. Liposuction is the most common surgeries with the cosmetic surgeons along with other procedures like tummy tucking, smart lipo, breast augmentation, facelift, nose correction and other such procedures. Their priority is to help you achieve you static goals safely with natural results. From initial consultation to surgical procedures, till the aftercare, the surgeons are extremely attentive to their patients. They care for the patients in the most comfortable way.

As per Dr. Johnson, Liposuction is a time-worn method of surgery. But as science has developed through the years, it has successfully figured out other ways of liposuction procedures. The traditional method of liposuction surgery came with the traumatic process which was excruciatingly painful and involved a prolonged period of recovery. There were even cases of patients developing several lumps and bumps, divots and abnormalities on their skin. The new era of liposuction dawned with the advent of tumescent laser liposuction. The patients have reported that they have tight and smooth skin after the procedure.    

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