Reasons Why Politicians are Going for Plastic Surgery

Rumors about Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority leader having undergone cosmetic surgery started circulating in news in the year 2009. Politicians are always in public eye and getting this type of attention is not an uncommon thing for them. Not just Nancy Pelosi but there are other politicians who have always been surrounded by cosmetic surgery rumors and these include Sarah Palin, Vladimir Putin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Biden.

Important Reason Behind Politicians Seeking Plastic Surgery

Appearances are quite important and in these present times, the 24/7 news cycle has actually worsened the obsession that people have with their looks. It does not come as a surprise that there are many politicians including the members of TV commentators, lobbyists and Congress under cosmetic surgery procedures only to look freshers and younger. According to dermatologists, politicians generally go for plastic surgery procedures because of the scrutiny that they need to go through while remaining in the eyes of the public every time. The dermatologists are of the view that patients in this category are looking for subtle improvements and deniable results. Due to the fact that the success of a politician is dependent on how effectively he or she communicates with the public, majority of politicians want to be on the safe side by avoiding unintentional messages regarding their looks and appearances.

How is privacy Guaranteed for the Patients Undergoing Plastic Surgery?

A lot of plastic surgery patients in D.C. include lobbyists, commercial realtors, lawyers and politicians. This is because there is a lot of media activity in Washington D. C and there are also many commentators making their appearances on the camera or around the political arena. However, due to the fact that politicians and other public figures require complete privacy as far as their plastic surgery procedures are concerned; many plastic surgery clinics in Washington D.C have secret entrances with proper security. Majority of the cosmetic surgery centers in this area serve as one-stop destinations specifically designed for the privacy of the patients. There are also in-house makeup artists and private cabanas that help the patients in getting back to work with readymade appearances. The appointments are also staggered by the clinics with the sole objective of avoiding patients from seeing each other. Privacy concerns have greatly increased for public figures going for plastic surgeries mainly because of the huge popularity and use of social media.

Popular Procedures and Treatments

There are different well-known plastic surgery procedures and patients that politicians like to go for. There is laser treatment like Permea that addresses and prevents the early symptoms of aging. It is a procedure that helps in improving the texture, pore size and tone of the skin. Then there are Kybella injections that can help in avoiding double chins caused due to weight gain, genetics and aging. These injections are highly beneficial for politicians making frequent TV appearances. Then there is Botox, an injectable that helps in improving the appearance of skin wrinkles.

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