Social Media is the Driving Force behind Young Individuals Going for Plastic Surgery

These days, people have started using their smartphones for different purposes besides calling and communicating. Most of the time people are found using their phones, not for talking for scrolling up and down. This is because of the social media frenzy that has had a very strong impact on the way people communicate with each other these days. However, the social media frenzy is something that is also having an impact on young individuals who are found turning to cosmetic surgery and other procedures for looking picture perfect on the social media sites. Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are some social media sites that have made people aware of their facial imperfections and flaws. It is only because of these social media sites that people are looking at themselves much more closely than they ever did before. Previously, people used to see themselves in the photo albums. But things have changed in the present times and people get to see themselves live.

How has Social Media Influenced People into Looking Good?

The pressure to appear beautiful and attractive from all angles has more and more people turning to dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Around 40% doctors in a survey conducted recently said that patients came to their clinics saying that looking attractive on the social media sites was the main reason why they were going for plastic procedure. On a very large scale, people want their appearance to look similar to those of the celebrities that they find on the social media platforms and also on TV and the big screen. Therefore, they are in the look out of something that is not only quick but inexpensive at the same time.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures Among the Social Media-Obsessed

There are a lot of people on the social media who follow different celebrities and work things out just the way they do. It is only because of this reason that when they find their favorite celebrities going for a certain cosmetic procedure, even they make up their minds to do the same. This way, social media and the celebrities using these platforms have been playing an important role in divulging the instincts of people towards undergoing different cosmetic procedures. Botox and lip fillers are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures among the ones who are social media-obsessed. However, there are even a large number of people going for invasive procedures like nose jobs and eye lifts. Doctors in this field say that they have their patients coming with images of people on Facebook and Instagram who have apparently undergone cosmetic procedures. They come up with requests of doing nose jobs and lip jobs the way they find them in the images. It is quite funny to find people saying that their nose in not Facebook friendly or their do not have Instagram-friendly eyes. It is being contemplated by plastic surgeons and experts that this social media trend has no chances of fading anytime soon.

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