The Average Age for Female Cosmetic Surgery Getting Younger

While tummy tucks, Botox, facelifts and liposuction are usually linked with individuals trying to get rid of the signs of aging; Dr. Julian De Silva says that now it is actually women at the age of 39 found going for different cosmetic surgery procedures. The average age for make plastic surgery patients has come down to 45 from 47. The doctor came up with these claims post reviewing the records of thousands of patients who have gone through different cosmetic surgery procedures over the years. The doctor further said that it is essential for patients to be vetted carefully prior to going under the knife. According to Dr. Julian, the Instagram trend of posting filtered selfies is one of the prime reasons behind the rise in individuals making the choice of plastic surgery. However, he also insisted on the point that many young individuals carry out a thorough study prior to taking the plunge.

Why are Young Individuals Opting Plastic Surgery?

Young individuals going for plastic surgery in the recent times make positive decisions post doing their research and working on their changed appearances. They consider their baggy eyelids, weak chin, thin lips and large nose as a hindrance to acceptance and therefore have this desire of going for a positive change in life. According to Dr. Julian who operates the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Hammersmith, social media is one thing that offers great visibility to the ones who have already undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. People tend to pick up on high profile examples where young and well-known individuals have improvised their appearances by way of facial plastic surgery. Rebecca Adlington, the Olympic swimmer, going for a Rhinoplasty is one recent example of popular celebrities undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Average Age for Plastic Surgery

As per plastic surgeons, the average age for plastic surgery in both male and female patients has been on a downward drift. Around three years ago, the average age for female plastic surgery patients was 42 and that for male plastic surgery patients was 47. However, these average age trends have gone down to 39 and 45 for women and men respectively. According to doctors, it is important for both men and women to consider certain factors prior to going for cosmetic surgery. They should take their age as a secondary factor and all other important factors like body type, medical condition and affordability as the primary factor for considering plastic surgery.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

The answer to this question can be availed only from a highly qualified plastic surgeon. A highly qualified, experienced and board-certified cosmetic surgeon can determine whether a specific cosmetic procedure is right for you or not. The surgeon makes these evaluations based on different factors such as your age, overall health, expectations for results and body development. Therefore, it is always very important to consult an experienced and knowledgeable plastic surgeon prior to going for a plastic procedure.

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