The Unregulated Industry for Plastic Surgery is a Serious Concern in Britain

It is not recommended for the under 18s in Britain to just walk up the street and undergo a plastic treatment. This is because a brand new report by the Nuffield Council of Bioethics proves the fact that children in Britain are becoming the victims of anxiety and other health problems because of unaccomplished appearance ideals. The report said that young children under 18 years of age are bombarded y advertising and promotions of nose jobs, breast implants and other non-invasive cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal and Botox.

Warnings that Come From Nuffield Council of Bioethics

The council called for all plastic surgeons to be duly certified and trained; for a complete ban on invasive non-medical techniques for the ones below 18 years of age and for confirmation of effectiveness and safety to be needed for implants and dermal fillers. The council also said that treatments like skin and lip fillers, which can be provided by practitioners without any formal training, have grabbed huge popularity and that they must be regulated in the way sunbeds and tattoos have been regulated. There are lawful age restrictions on using sunbeds and on having tattoos. The same should be applicable for cosmetic surgery as well.

Regulation on Devices Used in Plastic Surgery

According to the council, better regulation of different devices used in cosmetic procedures is needed. These include dermal fillers which are used for plumping up the lips and the cheeks and for filling out creases and wrinkles on the skin. At present, these materials can easily be bought without any quality approval or formal safety in Britain. This is something that is leading to the complete deterioration of the quality of cosmetic procedures being practiced and offered in Britain. It should be an initiative on the part of the government to come up with legislation for making all the dermal fillers available only on prescription.

Regulations on Online Cosmetic Surgery Games and Makeover Applications

The report presented by the council also requested the application stores to regulate their online cosmetic surgery games and makeover applications aimed towards children less than nine years of age. The most popular makeover applications and online cosmetic surgery games include Pimp My Face, Plastic Surgery Princess and Little Skin Doctor. According to the council, promoting such games online encourages the children to enjoy having plastic surgery makeovers and this is something quite irresponsible and inappropriate. The advertisements of such applications and games on the social media sites can do nothing useful but only contribute to major health problems among the young children.

The Importance of a Regulated Plastic Surgery Industry

The cosmetic surgery industry in Britain in a very large industry but there is very little information available to the people regarding this industry and the different procedures performed. Procedures and products previously made use of in medicine are being re-purposed at present to be used cosmetically without any solid evidence of supporting effectiveness. The tragic stories of individuals getting botched plastic surgery are not few in number. There are many young individuals who are found suffering from depression, low self-esteem and anxiety because of the society’s obsession of celebrity culture and body image. Therefore, there are improved regulations of safety and quality needed for cosmetic procedures.

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