Wounds of War Healed Professionally by a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jew Sanderson who was offering his services at Flower Mound Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Spa was positioned at Combat Surgical Hospital lying close to Baghdad airport. He was deployed to the hospital from 30th December, 2016 and his tenure at this hospital lasted till 5th April, 2017. Baghdad lies at a distance of 7, 210 miles from Flower Mound and the time difference is 9 hours. Post finishing medical school, Jew came up with the desire of offering his services in the United States Army reserve completely free of cost. At present, Sanderson serves as the Major in the Army.  According to Sanderson, he had always had this interest in serving the army and he always liked to be a part of the army.  However, it was because of his father that he had to go to medical school. His father was suspicious of the army as he was a young adult of the Vietnam era.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Jew Sanderson’s early life dates back to the times when he stayed in New Caney. This was the place where Sanderson grew up. New Caney is 45 minutes from Houston lying in its North. Right from the time when Sanderson was staying at New Caney, he had this strong interest in serving the army and in turn serving his country. Sanderson completed his Bachelor of Science in respiratory therapy from Texas State University. His completed his degree in honors with minor in Chemistry. However, he thought that he if he chose to work as a respiratory therapist, he would not get much independence. It is only because of this reason that Sanderson applied to and was also accepted in the medical school at the University of Texas Health Science Center located in San Antonio. Post earning his graduation from medical school, Sanderson’s next destination was the University of Tennessee located in Memphis. It was at this University where he completed surgical internship. His next step to success in the field of surgery was the University of Texas Health Science Center located in San Antonio.  Here, Sanderson completed his neck and otolaryngology-head surgery residency.

Reason why Sanderson Chose Plastic Surgery

Post completing his otolaryngology training, Sanderson continued his training with second residency in reconstructive and plastic surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Centers located in Omaha. The University of Nebraska was his ultimate choice because it offered a very solid aesthetic surgery program. According to Sanderson, his main reason behind entering plastic surgery is that it is one field that never remains the same. It is a field that requires the practitioner to think. This is because nothing remains the same in this field. Every individual and every treatment is different whether it is breast augmentation or traumatic laceration. It was his experience and his knowledge in facial trauma and wound surgery that were the reasons behind his deployment in Baghdad.

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